Wednesday, October 20, 2010

slave diary

slave diary: January 1, 20xx

20xx closes with Mistress Trisha not having allowed me a slave squirt in three weeks. Her male chastity device digs in painfully if even the slightest erection begins. Naturally, Mistress made sure that i "suffered" hard-ons all evening last night. She knows i am powerless to resist Her.

i remember the last cum She allowed. After alternatively teasing me deliciously and torturing me mercilessly for two hours - which included strapping me to Her table, with dildo gag sticking out from my mouth, and roughly riding my face to a loud and glorious female orgasm - She began to re-attach Her chastity device to my (Her) cock and balls. i guess She saw the disappointment in my face because She then gave me a long lecture about male orgasms and mine in particular. i never "deserve" an orgasm and having one is purely and completely at Her whim and discretion. If i wanted to be a jerkoff free to make a mess whenever i wanted then that would mean i would never be allowed to be in Mistress Trisha's presence again.

She made me say my male slave slogan over and over, "i will only shoot my slime when Mistress Trisha gives me permission."

She then surprised and delighted me by giving me an opportunity for a slave squirt. First She removed Her chastity device. Then pulling down the backside of Her Sacred Panties, She sat on top of my face and positioned Her glorious rosebud on my mouth. If i could clean and service Her backside and in so doing get Her off again, She'd probably let me shoot slave slime. The honor was incredible. i buried my inferior face into Her Superior Ass like a starving man going after his first meal. Each time i gasped for air i also praised and thanked Her for allowing me worship Her. i wanted to tell Her that cleaning Her Sacred Asshole was even more a reward for me that a disusting slime squirt - but i was greedy and wanted that too.

As She approached orgasm, She began whipping my cock. That caused me buck and convulse and that must have made Her ride on my face even better because as She came (always a glorious, wonderful and beautiful thing) She really swung the whip.

She slipped off of me and rearranged my bondage so that my legs were pulled over my head such that my cock was pointed straight at my face.

Mistress Trisha always makes me feel as if my cumming is the most ridiculous, disgusting, messy, inferior, and also insignificant act imaginable.

Once She me positioned She started the humiliation assault.

"If I do let you jerk that thing you are not going to get that slime on My furniture. So, do you really want to be a cum dumpster, slave?"

She made me swear to shoot every drop straight into my mouth. She made me acknowledge that i was pathetic pussyslave and powerless before Her. She made me beg - first for a slime shoot, then beg for a squirt, then a splooge, then a jerkoff, then a date with my hand - She made me beg for my orgasm in every slang and derogatory way imaginable - then apologize to Her for being so much trouble.

Finally, She released my right arm and commanded me to begin stroking. She warned me not to "give myself a slave snack" until She said i could. Then the ball whipping began. After each crash of the whip, She'd lean in close to my ear and tell me to either ask for another ball whipping or stop jerking off. i wanted to cum so badly - it had been two weeks since my last squirt - and i could have finished myself off at any time - only Mistress Jessica wasn't giving me the go ahead. So i had to stroke very slowly so as not to have the most unforgivable slave accident there is and keep asking for more pain to my balls.

Then, suddenly, She told me to stop jerking. i could have cried - i thought She had changed Her mind and had decided to leave me with blue balls - welts and all. Just as suddenly, Her Divine and Sacred Pantied appeared above my face. She had taken them off and was teasing me with them. She held them under my nose to let me catch a quick sniff of Her powerful Superior Perfume. It has an effect on me like nothing else. i knew i was in trouble as She put them over my head so that the Divine Panty Crotch was directly over my nose and my eyes looked out from the leg holes.

"I've decided I want one more thing from you and then I'll grant you your little sperm drink."

i was lost in Her scent and completely at Her mercy. i begged Her to tell me what She wanted.

"I'm going to release you. I want you to get down on the floor on your knees. I want you to beg me for ten kicks to your balls. You take your kicks like a "man" and you'll be swallowing sperm like a faggot in no time."

Moments later, i was kneeling before Her. Her panties were back on Her. She looked magnificent; beautiful, superior, in complete control of the groveling male inferior below Her. My balls were tied tightly and my legs were spread wide. She commanded me to stroke myself and begin begging for Her kicks to my balls. I must have repeated my pleading to Her ten times before the first kick came. I doubled over a bit but did not lose eye contact with Her. A satisfied smile came to Her face. "Kiss My Shoe, Thank Me and beg nicely for the next kick."

I did as instructed and the scenario was repeated nine more times - only each time it took me longer and longer to return to kneeling position. Mistress Trisha would prod me to hurry up and offer bits of encouragement such as, "Hurry up slave, you do want to have your squirt, don't you?"

After the tenth kick - the hardest of them all - Mistress reached down and stroked my hair as i made my way back up to my knees. She pulled me close to Her and i found myself with Her Pantied Crotch directly in front of my face. i was beaten and broken and leaned forward and reverently kissed the fabric covering Her Magnificent Feminine Temple.

Moments later i was on my back, jerking furiously, working up a sticky slave snack. Mistress Trisha stood above me the whole time laughing at me. Just as i was emptying my load into my own mouth, i heard Her command me to not swallow. After making me wait to make sure that no more slime was coming out, She had me get to my feet. She had me open my mouth to show Her "what a cum bucket i was," had me gargle it in my mouth, all the while acting completely disgusted and laughing at me. She had me dress with the cum still in my mouth and even made me drive home without swallowing. i had to call Her when i got back home (mumbling on the phone through the sperm) and only then did She give me permission to swallow.

i can't even imagine what She is going to be able to get me to do after over three weeks of chastity...

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